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A traditional Indian wedding typically lasts three days, starting from a solemn ganesh pooja, moving on to a vivacious mehandi ceremony and concluding with the wedding reception.

An Indian wedding showcases a rich assortment of experiences including wedding rituals and customs, sangeet or music, dance performances as well as sumptuous meals and cocktails.

In short, an Indian wedding is an intricate and complex schedule of rituals, ceremonies and events and preparations begin weeks or even months prior to the big day. Planning a memorable and elegant Indian wedding can sometimes be overwhelming.

While the bride and groom and their families and friends can plan and organize the event on their own, considering the complexities and challenges involved, it is best left to the experts. In addition, the couple and their families should not be bothered by the preparations and arrangements that can be skillfully orchestrated by experienced wedding planners, and should focus celebrations and having fun. For these are once-in-a-lifetime affairs and should be enjoyed to their fullest.